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    Here you have an OFNA 0FN34930 La Sabre X3 1/8th Scale Off-Road Nitro RC Buggy Kit !! 


This unit is NEW !! 


This package includes the Ready To Build 1/8th Scale Buggy Only !!

No Transmitter, Receiver, Servos, Batteries Or Motor !! 


Please understand that this package will include the complete Ready To Build Buggy Kit, Owners Manual And Original Storage Box. 


You can simply open box, choose your preference of motor & electronics and start with build up !!


 You can't go wrong here when you will receive a Brand New Buggy Kit, you have a Low Purchase Price Of Only $285.00 and if you buy it now, you can receive it in just a "few days" !!!


 So take advantage of this limited time offer and add one of these Great Nitro Buggies To Your Fleet Now !!! 


This is a Brand New Teriffic Truck and there is only this one available at this Great Price !!


Review all photo's to see & Buy It Now Or Loose Out !!  


 Here is an opportunity to get one of these Great Trucks at a Great Price so Buy Now And Save !!


Please buy with confidence and feel free to phone or e-mail if you have any questions or concerns !! 


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Thank You: Ted. 


  • Equipped with two sets of front and rear sway bars
  • Adjustable turnbuckles and lightened camber links
  • Completehigh performance bearing set
  • 2 Stage air filter
  • Composite stone guards and rear mud deflectors
  • 7075 CNC etched left and right long engine mounts
  • High impact down force wing
  • Light weight inch up wheels with tires
  • Hard chrome EFRA approved 2080 onc piece pipe and header
  • Clear cab forward body for excellent handling
  • Light weight flywheel and aluminum 3 shoe clutch
  • 125cc Fuel tank and removable tank plug
  • Easy to remove gas tank and fuel guard
  • Integrated fuel clips and fuel filter
  • Center differential with brake and gear shroud
  • Side loaded caliper with return springs
  • Light weight front and rear fiber brakes
  • Special capped center drive line
  • Full light weight CVA drivetrain
  • Light weight front, rear, and center differentials
  • Complete set of light weight out drives
  • 7075 CNC 5mm aluminum front and rear shock towers
  • Full travel front and rear suspension
  • Redesigned steering system with ackerman
  • 22 Degree steering hubs
  • 7075 CNC aluminum drag link
  • Solid constructed arms and camber links
  • Steel captured hinge pins
  • 7075 CNC Arm holder and toe plate
  • 7075 CNC Front and rear chassis braces
  • 7075 3mm lightened chassis with countersunk screws
  • Front and rear chassis kick up
  • Version 2 big bore shocks
  • Two sets of shock springs
  • Two counter clockwise shock screws
  • Composite radio tray, enclosed batter, and receiver box
  • Forward battery compartment for better steering
  • Smaller front and rear gear cases with sway bar mounting
Chassis: 7075-T6 3mm Aluminum
Completion Level: Kit
Drivetrain: 4WD
Height: 7.4 in (188mm)
Length: 20.28 in (515mm)
Size/Scale: 1/8
Vehicle Type: Buggy
Weight: 7.27 lbs (2721g)
Wheelbase: 20.28 in (515mm)
Width: 12.1in (307mm)

Needed To Complete

-Nitro Fuel
-Fuel Bottle
-Glow Driver
-Reciever pack
- .21 Engine
-Servos (2)
-Starter box
-AA Batteries

Hong Nor's X3 Sabre is well laid out with the battery compartment moved forward for better steering and on power traction, engine also moved foward and centered for better center balance. The fuel tank is neatly lined with fuel clips to easily route your fuel lines and keep them secured. Thick 5mm shock towers are milled just enough to stay sturdy and strong. The 7075-T6 chassis is also plenty strong yet very lightweight. Top it off with ultra light wheels and a high downforce wing and fresh newly designed body. The X3 has not only that fast look but the performance to back it up.

The countersunk chassis is set with the newest modern designs. Now with front and rear chassis kick-up to keep the buggy from scrubbing speed when landing jumps and allowing less chassis wear at the rear of the buggy. The screws at the rear have a longer life span and no longer round out with the chassis. This keeps the rear gearbox together with less loosening. Weight saving was in mind as it also has been milled to save on weight but yet strong with raised edges to keep the chassis rigid and responsive, nice and narrow with composite stoneguards to keep the body tightly fitted and help keep the nasty elements out.

X3's caster is made to give you what you need for the right steering on your track. Caster can be adjusted by the front and rear hingepin holders, the hub is set at 12 degrees and the steering knuckle at 10 degress to give you a total of 22 degrees, but the holders can be adjusted to set caster from 20 to 24 degrees. You can achieve the right balance of steering and throttle through the corners with on power steering or a more agressive aproach with off power steering. There are so many combinations to dial in your buggy.

Hong Nor's front suspension has been built on toughness. The long travel arms and camberlinks can take the heavy abuse of rocks, pipes, big landers and heavy collisions. So many parts on the front have been protected perfectly to keep the front together race after race. Solid front CVA's attached to 13x20mm and 8x14mm bearings keep the drivetrain free and contiuously rolling. Effortless end to end steering and 16mm shocks keep the suspension very reactive. The 4mm rounded super strong hingepins are made to handle the abuse of ruty bumps and jumps and are captured by the CNC hingepin holders and a smalled constucted gearbox that is also weight saving with lightend crosspins, outdrives, shock towers, spider gears, bevel and pinion gear.

Just like the front suspension the rear arms and camberlinks are very solid in construction and long in length. Rear uprights also carry large bearings for the CVA's like the front for roll free operation. Toe plate is fixed with inserts that hold the 4mm steel hingepins in place, locked in with the gearbox. Anti-squat is also adjustable with inserts and is made of CNC aluminum. A hefty rear shock tower holds the 16mm shocks in place and mounts the HI-Down Force wing. The rear differential has the same lightweight outdrives, spider gears, crosspins, bevel and pinion as the front.

Front, center and rear differentials are made to handle the stunning performance of high powered engines. These diffs will put down the traction and keep the oils in place as the seals offer a tight fit. 8x16mm bearings hold the diffs in place and all lightened outdrives are the same in front, center and rear. The diff case is smaller in size but contains enough oil to stay consistant in a long race. Hardened steel bevel and pinion gears give long life and a high wear factor, the 41 tooth spur is also hardened.

The brakes are quick to stop as the brake pads are made from fiberglass combined with steel to give the Sabre some major stopping power. The rear fiber disc is smaller than the front disc for enable the engine to be closer to the center line for chassis balance. Brake pads are side loaded to get the Sabre's weight lower to the chassis. Brake cams and levers are also on the side dropping top weight lower and allowing clearance for a low profile dual stage air filter. To protect the front brake from fuel a shroud is made over the spur and brake to prevent brake fade after a refuel. The shroud also keeps the air filter free and clear from dirt, rocks and fuel spinning off the spur back into the filter.

Our shocks are still the best in the business as we have changed the industry with big bad shocks. And now we have stepped it up with our V2's.  Silky smooth operation, a tight fitting set of o-ring seals, 3.5mm shock shafts and hardcoated shock bodies make these the Sabre's best friend. High volume oil offers the right amount of dampening and lift-off and bladders that have the least amount of wear. And now the V2 is even stonger with the new low-pro shock caps attached to thicker 4mm shock stand-offs.

The X3 Sabre has an easy route fuel line set-up as fuel clips are intergrated into the tank for a nice look and performance. No more glueing clips in place only to having them come off later. This 125cc fuel tank with it's easy to remove fuel plug gives you the neccessary run times you need in competion or pull the plug out for more time for the local club races. A fuel shroud protects the air filter and holds the fuel filter in place. Body clips hold the tank in place so when it comes to clean up it is easy to remove and put back in place.

The 2080 EFRA pipe is mid-range and gives the Sabre its powerband. Nickle hard chrome gives a spectacular shine off the laser etching showing the Hong Nor name. Built to last, strong and tough, the Hong Nor 2080 is currently limited to the X3 Sabre. The reinforced stinger is made to keep the exhuast from bending and losing performance in the event of a race that could make the engine tuning an issue. The double bend header gives out more top-end as it shortens the distance to the pipe and is also made with nickle hard chrome.




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